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Cali Gold Lacrosse is a top notch program!  When they approached us about being on the team and traveling to the East Coast in 2021 we were skeptical.  Our son was just starting summer football practice and we were not sure how it would play out with his football coach.  However, The Cali Gold coaching staff convinced us it would be worth it.  They advised that this would be the best opportunity for Samari to maximize his exposure to top notch college coaches and to trust the process.   We are so glad we did!


The coaches have designed an amazing program that delivers results, not only on the field, but off as well.  These players had come together from different paths to build a team that was not only successful, but also like family. 

If it were not for the excellent coaching and competitive tournament schedules that Cali Gold has put together, Samari would not be attending Brown University today. We highly encourage anyone who is considering Cali Gold lacrosse to trust they will deliver what they promise and your player will enjoy the process along the way.


The Staten Family - Samurai Staten ‘22- Brown University


Cali Gold has been an amazing experience for our son Eddie.  The coaches are all about the players, making sure that each member of the team strives to do their best and in turn, the coaches provide great support.  The kids come from various high schools around California and would not have met if it wasn’t for the program.  Now, they will be lifelong friends. All the coaches are amazing, have great knowledge of the game, strong coaching skills, and understand which tournaments to attend so that the kids have exposure to great college coaches and programs. Being part of California Gold Lacrosse has propelled Eddie's recruiting process and opened a lot of great doors for him. 


Cloudine Tortry- Eddie Tortry ‘23- Oberlin College


Leadership, Skill, Confidence, Fraternity.  These are the key attributes that come to mind when considering the impact the Cali Gold program made on our son Peyton.  On first impression,  we were impressed at how each coach stood and greeted the boys with a handshake, taking personal interest in each player, as they entered the check-in area at their first Cali Gold tryouts.  The speed and tempo of practices and skills training resonated with our son, bringing his game, confidence and creativity to the next level.  From the organized tournament schedules that were strategic in maximizing college recruiting exposure, the organized college campus recruiting tour--to carving out time to prioritize the all-teams, post-tournament dinners; Cali Gold strives to ensure that all players have an outstanding experience and connection to their teammates and club.  In Peyton’s words, “  From the personal highlight clips and performance callouts on Instagram, the focused, individual recruiting meetings and their availability over text,  to their excited phone calls to discuss a college interest call they received, Cali Gold is uniquely poised to help you take your game to the next level if that is your end goal.”


Rodriguez Family- Peyton ‘22 (Randolph-Macon) & Nolan ‘24 (Tampa University)

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